Comparing GPS Receivers

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) horizontal (mm+ppm) 10+1
Real Time Kinematic (RTK) vertical (mm+ppm) 15+1
Digital GPS (DGPS), real time (mm) 500
Digital GPS (DGPS), post-process (mm) 300
Static, horizontal (mm+ppm) 3+0.1
Static, vertical (mm+ppm) 3.5+0.4
USB version, No. of ports 1
Serial, No. of ports 1
Satellite systems* GPS, GLO, SBAS, EGNOS, MSAS, QZSS
No. of channels 226
Acquisition, cold (max seconds) 40
Acquisition, warm (max seconds) 20
Reacquisition (max seconds) 1
Battery type Li-ion
Standard battery run time* (hrs*) 7.5 rvr
External power? (Y/N) Y
Memory type* SD
Memory capacity, std/max 2 GB (max)
Shock (drop, in meters) 2
Dimensions L x W x D (in) 3.74 x 7.24 (Dia)
Weight w/standard batteries (lbs, oz) 2, 13.7
Satellite systems* = *Satellite systems - Global Positioning Satellite (GPS); GLONASS (GLO); Galileo (GAL); Compass (COM); Quazi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS); Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS)

Standard battery run time* = *Standard battery run time = Rover (rvr)

Memory type* = *Memory type = CompactFlash (CF); Internal Flash (Int. Flash); Secure Digital (SD)