Comparing Crawler Dozers (LGP)

Net power (hp) 264
Engine make Komatsu
Engine model SAA6D125E-7
Operating weight w/dozer, w/o ripper (lbs) 68,800
Transmission And Drive
Transmission type* PS
Steering system type* HSS diff
Track length on ground (ft/in) 11' 5"
Ground pressure (psi) 6.97
Ground clearance (in) 18"
Blade capacity (cu yds) 18.5
Blade dig depth (in) 22"
Max blade tilt, hydraulic (in) 20"
Length w/blade in straight position, w/o ripper (ft/in) 21' 1"
Height to top of cab (ft/in) 10' 5"
Transmission type* = *Transmission type = Power shift (PS); Hydrostatic (HS); Torque converter (TC); Mechanical (DD); Electric drive (ED)

Steering system type* = *Steering system type = Clutch/brake (Cl/br); Differential steer (Diff steer); Dual-path HS w/counter rotation (HS w/c-r); Dual-path HS w/o counter rotation (HS w/o c-r); Geared power turn (Gear pwr); Hydrostatic steering with differential planetary (HSS diff); Hydrostatic (HS); Electric drive (ED)